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Composite Division

The composite division at T&T Metalli e Compositi distributes raw materials and accessories for the manufacturing of fibreglass and advanced composites for both companies in principal sectors (industry, boating, transport) and in highly specialised niche markets.

T&T is the only Italian distributor of Ineos Composites resin and gelcoat, and Derakane anti-corrosion resin.

Our products range from common use products (resin, gelcoat, putty, catalysts, roving, mats, combination, multiaxels, etc) to more “advanced” products (fabrics, structural adhesives, release agents, materials for vacuum-packing, etc), and equipment (vacuum pumps, impregnation rollers, measuring instruments, etc) to accessories (overalls, rollers, air removing rollers, brushes, gloves etc). Our customer can find everything they need for their business from one supplier.

Our products range from standard materials to innovative and specialised products that solve or simply specific problems related to realisation, production and application.


Polyester resin – Vinyl ester resin
Resin molds etc…
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For every type of application
For models – Industrial etc…

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Glass Fibers

Roving for cut-spray and winding – Chopped strand Mat bonded with a powder or emulsion – Carbon and aramid fabrics etc…

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Wide range of release agents from classical solid wax up to the very recent, last generation, semi-permanent release agents.

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Vacuum-packed production

We produce everything you need for vacuum machining. From vacuum pumps to pumping units with tank. we supply accessories such as bags and seals.


Our company aims to provide costumers with the best products, through a personalized service that supplies the most suitable materials for the job type and for you specific business needs.


We are always looking for innovative materials and solutions.


We are professional and reliable regarding every delivery type and  production timing.

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