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Learn moreT & T Spa has been present on the market sector for over 45 years and it's settled on an area of over 36,000 covered square meters.
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Leader in its field for both equipment and for a range of other products.

Composite Division

Learn moreMaterials and accessories for the manufacturing of fibre glass and advanced composites.


Our company aims to provide costumers with the best products, through a personalized service that supplies the most suitable materials for the job type and for you specific business needs.


We are always looking for innovative materials and solutions.  If you have specific needs we may have the solution.


We are professional and reliable regarding every delivery type and production timing.

Market Sectors


Self-extinguishing and flame retardant resins are generally used by the transport industry (airplanes, trains, boats, subways, buses)

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Polyester resin is the most widely consumed mostly in sector that use the fiberglassing as the nautical market.

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Vacuum machining products. We provide finishes, raw materials, resins and mastics.

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Construction & Engineering

Inox tubes and bars, aluminum sheets, fiberglass fibers.

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