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The website https://www.tetspa.it (hereafter also “website”) belongs to T & T METALLI E COMPOSITI SPA, a company with registered office in Via Pordenone, 2 Rome, VAT number 05041011007 (hereafter also “Society”).

General terms of use for the website

The use of the website implies the acceptance of the general conditions.


These general conditions govern the use of the site https://www.tetspa.it

Users can surf the web and take advantage of the offered services, by observing carefully the given conditions.

The Society reserves the right to modify these terms at any time; the modifications will take effect starting from the date of their publication on the site itself. The user therefore is required to have access through the dedicated link located in the website footer.

Obligations for the User

The User must strictly use the site in accordance with the General Conditions.

The User is responsible to examine these conditions and to value their modifications.

The access to the Internet to use the site and all the related charges and costs, including connection costs, are a responsibility of the user, who is required to obtain independently all necessary hardware or software support.

The user is the only responsible for the functioning and maintenance of his equipment and for all measures required to guarantee his online safety.

The user assumes the obligation not to use the website and its services for illegal purposes or tasks contrary to the given conditions or in a way able to damage its functionality, by making it unaffordable, or able to cause its overload, deterioration and / or interference from other Users.

If the user applies the forms on the site, he is obliged and responsible to provide truthful, correct, verifiable and updated personal data. The personal data provided by the user through these forms will be processed by the Society in compliance with the legislation in terms of personal data protection, for the purposes and according to the procedures described in the reporting specifically created for each form and published on the site in order to be easily accessible to the users.

The User declares and warrants that he has acquired all necessary authorizations for the data of third parties eventually provided to the Society through the forms on the site or through any other channel, and he declares and warrants that it has provided the third parties with information related to the processing of the data from the society.

Any behaviour, even for mere attempts, causing unauthorized access to the site and to reserved services, is forbidden.



The user works with the site “as is”, that means in the way it is offered and available when connecting and displaying its contents.

The Society is not responsible, either to the User or to persons directly or indirectly connected to the User itself, for damages, claims or losses deriving from inefficiencies or suspensions of the site depending on the User, on Third parties or caused by force majeure or fortuitous case.

Except as defined from a contractual and individual point of view in relation to specifically assumed obligations, the Society reserves at any time, without any form of notification, without any obligation of indemnity and at its exclusive discretion, the right to close the site and / or carry out any changes and / or integrations to its content, if considered appropriate.

The User manages the allowed site and the services and releases substantially and procedurally the Society against any party for legal / civil or administrative disputes, costs, expenses and any damages caused by the use or from the inability to use the site.

The User accepts that the Society won’t be responsible for any omissions or errors contained in the materials and information transiting in the site.

The existence of a hypertext link (link) pointed towards the Society’s website from another website of a third party, or pointed by the Society’s website towards another third-party site, does not imply the approval or the acceptance of responsibility from the Society about the content or the use of the sites thus linked.

Intellectual and industrial property

The website and its contents belong to T & T METALLI E COMPOSITI SPA and / or its assignees or assignors and / or third parties where indicated, and are protected by current legislation with regard to the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Unless otherwise specifically provided, all materials available on the site (by way of example, but not limited to it: logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs, photographs, product description texts …) can be used for information and / or personal purposes only ; any other different use must be made with the express authorization of the Society or, if different from it, of the owner with any exercisable rights; it is expressly forbidden to carry out any commercial use or distribution unless expressly authorized.

The names of products and companies mentioned on the site can be trademarks of their respective owners, therefore it is expressly forbidden its unauthorized use.

Reproduction of the graphics and structure of the website is prohibited. The constituent elements of the site cannot be copied or imitated.

The User has any rights on the software related to the site, including updates and corresponding source codes. It is forbidden for the User to carry out the activities referred to the art. 64-bis Law 633/41, but not limited to it: the extraction, reproduction, translation, adaptation, distribution to the public in any form or the transfer to third parties of the Software for any reason, whether it is expensive or free. Without express authorization of the Society, it is forbidden for the User to modify the Software, even for its adjustment or for any faults and / or defects, as well as to duplicate, decompile, disassemble, transform, modify the software.

It is allowed to use direct links to the homepage and internal pages of this site without specific prior written permission of the Society, provided that the user site in which the link is created is not offensive, pornographic or related to sexuality or sex commercialisation, incitement to racial hatred, discrimination of all kinds, the call to totalitarian ideologies, the exercise of any crime and of any other activity contrary to our legal system.

All rights not expressly granted are reserved.


All personal data of the User are processed by the Society in compliance with current legislation on personal data protection. To obtain all necessary information, please refer to the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy – accessible through links placed to the bottom of the page – and to information related to specific services involving a collection of personal data – published in the relevant sections of the site.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are created and governed by the Italian law.

Disputes between the Society and the users linked or connected to the management of the Site are reserved to the Italian jurisdiction and are exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the Court of Bologna, without prejudice to the consumer’s forum in cases which are enforceable by law.

Changes and final clauses

The Society reserves the right at any time to make changes to the website and to these general terms and terms of use. The user must always refer, as the current version, to the text of the Conditions published on the website at the time of consultation.

Should one clause of these sales terms be declared invalid or ineffective by the competent authority, the conditions will have still full effect for the part uninvolved in this clause, unless it constitutes a crucial and decisive reason for relationship conclusion.

These conditions are written in Italian language.

The circumstance that one of the parties does not at any time assert the rights recognized by one or more clauses of these conditions cannot be understood as a waiver of these rights and won’t prevent to demand later the observance of any and of all contractual clauses.

Last update: 5 October 2018