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Metals Division

The metals division at T&T S.r.l. is a service centre located in central Italy, on the outskirts of Rome, a leader in its field for both equipment and for a range of other products.
T&T Spa has a line of coil cutters for the production of sheets that range in thickness from 0.4 to 3 mm of h 1500, and from 4 to 18 mm of h 2500.

We also have a slitter to cut conveyor belts ranging in size from 0.4 to 6mm, with a thickness of h 1500, as well as a bandellatrice (stripping machine) and a glazing system and scotch-bright line for inox sheets.

Our range of products include aluminium, stainless steel and electro zinc plating.


Cut and colored sheets, anodized sheets on entire ox range, etc …

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Inox – Stainless steel

Sheared and bent plates, glazing and plastic protection, scotch bryte glazing, bars, etc…

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Electro Zinc Plating

On a cold-rolled Coil base for application as car detailing, eletronic components etc…

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Sheering and bending sheet meta, Stripping machine, Slitter, Satin finisher – Scotch Bright, etc…

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The international market

Our market role is one which consists of finding the raw materials made by the best producers in Europe and the rest of the world, considering both quality and competitiveness. We then verify this quality in our internal testing laboratory, process the product and distribute it mainly on the Italian market, ensuring fast shipping and a wide choice for our customers.


Our company aims to provide costumers with the best products, through a personalized service that supplies the most suitable materials for the job type and for you specific business needs.


We are always looking for innovative materials and solutions.


We are professional and reliable regarding every delivery type and production timing.